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          Nicolette Duong


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          盖恩斯维尔,佛罗里达州。 - 国际商务硕士 校友王匡平阳入选了 名人堂大厅365bet 这个春天。


          “我的终极目标是进入医疗体系,并与秘鲁和美国政府组织合作在农村社区提供可访问的诊所,”平阳说。 “毕业后,我将采取措施,通过启动在northwell健康作为医疗行政同胞实现这一目标。”

          Nicolette Duong and Chase Labiste

          Nicolette Duong with C&N Consultants co-founder Chase Labiste at the UF Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

          Duong (BS Microbiology and Cell Science ‘17, MIB ’18) was heavily involved during her time at the 365bet, including as a research assistant at Warrington and the UF Diabetes Institution, a volunteer at UF Health Shands Hospital and University President of the Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County. She has received several awards in addition to being inducted into the UF Hall of Fame, including the Presidential Service Award, named a Newman Civic Fellow and received grants from the Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace and Bob Graham Center for Leadership and Service. Duong was also an undergraduate and graduate teaching assistant for over 1,200 students across the courses Principles of Microbiology, Probiotics for Microbiology, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Business in Asia, Global Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior.

          “即使是校友,UF不断地提供我,培养我的性格和关心我作为一个人的导师,”她说。 “在我的榜样的脚步,我的目标是每一个学生在我的领域,通过了解他们的角度来看,平易近人并结合实际案例的影响。”

          Duong also is the co-founder of C&N Consultants Inc., a non-profit company designed to tailor health interventions for underprivileged communities. The company currently has three projects in design, two projects in implementation and over $12,000 in grant funded community initiatives. PitchSafe is one such initiative which has taught children, parents, and coaches about the symptoms of concussion and baseball safety. Through her work with C&N, she has translated imagination into action, built lasting partnerships with future leaders, and empowered communities in the U.S. and Peru to live safe and healthy lives.

          Duong is particularly proud of the work C&N Consultants has done under Project Picol, which utilized the unique skills and backgrounds of UF students and Peruvian families to construct twenty-one adobe houses, provide horticultural education, evaluate community health, and establish economical partnerships to purchase and sell livestock. A grant from UF’s Projects for Peace has given a rural community in Picol, Peru a chance to sustain themselves.



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