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          Entrepreneurship Articles

          Erick Rodriguez


          Reading Time: 3 minutes 当埃里克·罗德里格斯(BSBA '16)在365bet一开始,我是一个害羞的孩子 - 在在已经售出的数十万美元的价值的商品在eBay,亚马逊和Craigslist(包括汽车)的怨恨的。含苞待放的企业家在接下来的四年里低下头,我知道最好的两个关键值的指导:首先,按照他的创业激情,二是驱动器更好的自己。这两个值,加上一个

          Abhi Lokesh

          Lokesh, Fracture give back to Warrington

          Reading Time: 2 minutes Abhi Lokesh learned about the importance of giving back from his time at the University of Florida. Today, it drives his decision making as the co-founder of Fracture, which specializes in printing photos on glass. Fracture continued its reputation for giving back by donating $50,000 to support UF Warrington’s Social Impact & Sustainability Initiative. “Fracture wouldn’t be here today without Warrington’s focus on social entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center,” Lokesh said. “Those were the things that started this

          WHOA GNV Podcast | A degree in entrepreneurship & innovation

          Reading Time: < 1 minute Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center Director Jamie Kraft spoke with UF alumni Collin Austin and Michael Dees on the WHOA GNV Podcast about what it means to get a degree in entrepreneurship. Hear what Jamie had to say about the opportunities that UF offers in an entrepreneurial education on the podcast.  

          Samyr Qureshi and Dennis Hanson pose for a photo


          Reading Time: < 1 minute samyr库雷希(BA '14)和丹尼斯·汉森(BS '16),灵机一触,ITS这得到了在鳄鱼孵化场开始,是2016年的大创意比赛的优胜者,领导人最近入选福布斯2020级30下30.诀窍创始人,在校园里谁的网站连接大学生与他人进行辅导,并在20%的削减指导,分别命名福布斯30下30名单教育。库雷希和汉森看福布斯排行榜和阅读

          Large group of students do the Gator Chomp in front of Google

          Leveraging resources: campus and community

          Reading Time: 3 minutes 由Jamie牛皮纸,导演,企业家精神和创新中心,我们都听到过这样一个从创业者:我打算拿出一个很酷的想法,吸引了一堆钱,让一屁股的债!现实情况是,这是错误的逻辑。这是够硬拿出产品的市场契合,甚至难以找到资金。总是有妈妈,爸爸,调成糊状碧玉,但现实是,它是一个长期的,艰苦跋涉......一个

          Group of employees from RotoGrinders

          Reading Time: < 1 minute 托马斯秒。创业校友科学和销售经理在谷歌云马克·霍尔(MSE '09)的约翰逊主最近与其他MSE校友和rotogrinders联合创始人卡梅伦麦克米伦(BSAC '07,'09 MSE)谈到如何,他和他的联合创始人创建的每日幻想体育论坛,在这里玩家可以竞争,并讨论最佳的表演阵容,并在多个体育运动员的表演。阅读麦克米伦和团队如何建立自己的公司到一个以$ 35万的估价和教训他们

          The Greek House team of five poses for a photo

          Reading Time: 5 minutes 它是如何开始的时候KARTHIK shanadi(BS '14),27,和卢克mcgurrin(BSBA '14),28岁,正在寻找使服装为他们的联谊会即将到来的募捐活动,他们无法找到能够满足他们需求的公司 - 短的周转时间,独特的设计能力,都以合理的价格。 “所有的当地分销商的日子不好过,符合我们需要的快速周转,所有的网游厂商,我们有能力也没有提供帮助与的

          Jorge Avalos (right) and Jason McNamara benefitted from Warrington's Veterans Entrepreneurship Program.

          May 17, 2019

          Reading Time: 4 minutes The Veterans Entrepreneurship Program is in its fifth year as a free resource to help veterans with service-connected disabilities and those who have uniquely distinguished themselves in the military who are looking to start a new venture or grow an existing business. Learn how the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center’s program helped veterans like Jorge Avalos and Jason McNamara strengthen their business ideas. JORGE AVALOS Jorge Avalos always enjoyed adrenaline sports, but he grew up with a special love for cycling.

          View of the Live Green app. You are carbon neutral! You've saved 2,167 pounds CO2e

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          Reading Time: < 1 minute In an effort to help people understand their carbon footprint, UF students Pablo Garces and Brian De Souza created the LiveGreen app, which allows users to track their carbon emissions and even offset their carbon footprint by funding reforestation. Garces and De Souza have been able to build and grow their app thanks to the UF Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center’s Gator Hatchery, a student incubator that offers student entrepreneurs workspace, office support, mentors and other resources necessary for a startup

          VEP Class of 2018 pose for a group photo in a classroom

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          Reading Time: 2 minutes 盖恩斯维尔,佛罗里达州。 - 老兵寻求发展自己的创业技能,有机会为在企业的365bet沃365bet大学的退伍军人创业计划(VEP)免费这么做。该项目由365bet的创业和创新中心介绍,在365bet目前正在受理其2019计划申请,截止2月15日“VEP的开发,使有抱负的老牌企业家谁是梦想家和实干家,并帮助他们线束的影响和

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        • Erick Rodriguez


        • Abhi Lokesh

          Lokesh, Fracture give back to Warrington

        • Birds-eye view of Hough Hall

          Seven reasons to attend the UF MBA Open House

        • Happy Valentine's Day written on a chocolate pizza with candy M&Ms

          The Business of…Valentine’s Day gifts

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